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Wiring Accessories


The product range of Arteor covers all applications, segments and levels of installation. With its innovative designs and distinctive aesthetics, Arteor presents the following features:

17 plate finishes.
4 colour mechanisms.
Round and square rockers.

Synergy has taken it to a whole new level in design, along with offering solutions that suit different spaces and applications. Synergy provides a total of 4 series:

Synergy Sleek: flat, screw-less and slim.
Synergy White: an all-purpose, with inherent antimicrobial properties.
Synergy Authentic: full metal, sturdy and reliable.
Synergy Metalclad: durable, reliable and all-weather series.

Recognized for its borderless design, it is the perfect solution for modern requirements: 

◦ Flat plate, a borderless and minimalist design.
◦ Available in 5 finishes.
Mallia Senses™️

A modern range that is pure, without artifice. The Mallia Senses range displays minimalism and lightness and is easy to install and use.
◦ Available in 7 finishes: 2 Metal and 5 PVC.
◦ Flat plate and borderless design.
Belanko™️ S

Belanko allows for flexibility, quick installation, and safety in usage. 

Available in 5 finishes including White, Anthracite and Ivory.
Slim profile for a modern touch.
Glossy finishing for easy cleaning.

Mallia offers products of enduring form, easy fix, and fit every purpose.

Six color mechanisms flat.
10+ plate finishes.
Sweet sound.

Known for its simplicity and modularity. Mosaic provides products with a focus on standards and requirements of electrical installations in residential and commercial buildings.

◦ Antimicrobial features; for healthcare buildings.

◦ Available in White colour only.

Plexo outlines its design with simplicity & practicality and presents 2 different solutions: the Plexo IP 55 and IP 66.

◦ Weather-proof solution and maintained protections.
Surface-mounting boxes and flush-mounting support frames.
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