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High Static Pressure

Lower Power Consumption
The newly developed fan and original bellmouth construction
enable operation with high static pressure and low power
Low Noise Design
The fan blade’s distinctive wave shape, developed using
hydrodynamic analysis, Delivers a smooth, Turbulence-free
airflow. The result is more air with less noise.
Fan with 3-dimensional S-shaped Cross-section Blade

High Durability

Pressure is distributed more uniformly over the surface of the new fan blade,
making the blade more durable.
A special polyester resin and powder coating give a beautiful color and a highly rust-resistance finish.

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High Pressure Series

Industrial Fans – 25GSE, 30GSE, 35GSE
40GSE, 45GSC
50GSC, 60GSC
45GTC, 50GTC, 60GTC

  • Reversible
  • Bell mouth construction with distinctive wave shape blade
  • Durable powder coating
  • High Performance motor with thermal cut-off
  • Able to be used over an ambient temperature range from -10C to +50C
  • Possible to install horizontally or vertically
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