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Energy Saving Solutions

30% Small & Open Offices

50% Bed & Living Rooms

40% Conference Rooms

30% Lunch & Break Rooms

The vision at Legrand is to provide products and services that make buildings more energy-efficient.

Through a commitment to putting a stop to energy waste, Legrand offers two types of solutions (standalone sensors & KNX system) and proposes related services to ensure that your lighting management project saves energy and helps the environment.

According to EN 15193, the saving of energy on lighting costs can reach a peak Of 60%.

Sustainable Approach

Apart from simple ON/OFF and dimming controls, detectors provide access to the advanced automation functions required in any green building:

  • Stand-by maintained dimming
  • Programmed lighting maintenance
  • Scenario triggering dependent on presence / absence, natural light levels or the time

Flexibility & Efficiency

  • Detectors provide an installation with flexibility their operation and programming can be adapted according to external parameters (over-consumption, etc.)
  • Detectors constantly measure daylight levels. In combination with controllers they provide a better understanding of the detection area and makes it possible to adapt lighting in response to natural light levels.

Supervision Informations

KNX detectors provide any supervision system with useful key Information:

  • Indication of presence
  • Load status and dimming level (as a %)
  • Light level in real time (in lux)

Presence Detection

Absence Detection


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