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Audio & Video Bus 2- Wired Residential Kits

Plug & Play Solution

  • The 2-wire door entry kit offers basic functions and plug in connections:
    1. Ideal for simple installations (private houses, villas)
    2. The perfect solution for replacing door bells with door entry systems

A wide choice of indoor units

  • 10″ screen (customizable surround, screen saver, outdoor lighting control)
  • 7″ mirror-effect screen in black or white
  • 4.3″ screen

Ease of Wiring

  1. Quick, easy installation
  2. Convenient and functional: hands free solutions make it possible to talk while moving around freely
  3. Rugged, weather proof metal entrance panels
  4. 2 non-polarised wires for error-free connection

Wire solution

the 4-wire door entry kits, audio or video version, handsfree or with handset create a very discreet outdoor unit and can be completed with a camera

Bticino Door Entry Kits For Apartment Blocks

SFERA 2-wire system

  • Modern design to suit any type of home
    1. High quality and strength across the whole range
    2. Three different SFERA colours for a more striking appearance
    3. Same colour variants for rain shields
    4. Modules perfectly aligned
    5. Shallow depth surface-mounting boxes in the same colour versions


  1. Ultra-robust fascia and structure guarantee high security
  2. Steel flush-mounting box for anti-extraction installations
  3. SFERA Robur with an extra-slim fascia
  4. Reinforced plastic components
  5. Compatibility with SFERA New
  6. Wall-mounted boxes

Two personalities, one electronic heart

  1. Modular function compositions
  2. Separate composition of finishes
  3. An advantage for everyone
  4. The same electronic module can be used for both the “SFERA New” version and the “SFERA Robur” version
  5. A limited number of catalogue numbers to simplify stock and the installer’s work
  6. A vast range of audio and video functions with just 12 electronic modules

SFERA, a fully modular range of entrance panels

The 4-wire door entry kits, audio or with SFERA, there is an unlimited number of electronic module combinations, allowing professionals to meet any installation requirement.

The SFERA New entrance panel and resolutely modern design adapt to any type of home.
The 15 mm extra-slim fascia comes in three finishes: ALLMETAL, ALLWHITE and ALLSTREET. There are two possible types of installation for SFERA entrance panels: flush-mounted in the wall or surface-mounted.

Connected door entry system

Simplify your daily life with the connected video door phone!

No more missed visits and deliveries: with Bticino Classe 300EOS with Netatmo and Classe 100X connected solutions, you keep in touch with your home at all times.
I can see who is ringing and I can answer. On the road, on vacation, in the office or even busy at home, I can see my visitor and interact with him/her remotely.

I keep an eye on my home

All I have to do is take a look at the images from all the cameras connected to the system, including the Netatmo cameras.

Smart solution for your security with the “Easy Kit Connected “

The pack consists of an internal unit, an entrance panel and a power supply. Everything you need to carry out the installation yourself. Then connect the screen to your home’s Wi-Fi network and download the Door Entry EASYKIT application free of charge from Google Play and the App Store.

I answer and open the gate wherever I am

A package is delivered to me but I’m not home, I can’t find the badge for the gate or one of the family members forgot his key… No worries, I can open the gate via my smartphone!

Classe 300EOS with Netatmo : more than a video internal unit!

Our premium connected solution gives you access to a whole range of new features: by voice thanks to the built-in Amazon Alexa voice assistant, manually or remotely via a smartphone and the Home + Security App, you have control over all the connected solutions in your home: lighting, roller shutter or heating controls, cameras, sirens, etc. As a bonus: you get to enjoy the full Alexa experience (weather, traffic, music…)!

Classe 100: the right choice for standard connected installations

Our Classe 100X solution allows the transfer of calls directly to the smartphone and gives access to various functions (such as remote gate opening) via the Home + Security application. It is possible, under certain conditions, to install up to 20 internal units in one building without additional power supply!

Full IP solutions for residential complexes 

The high-performances system offer

FULL-IP SYSTEM BTicino is the ideal solution for large residential complexes with numerous apartments. The use of UTP and fibre optic cables to connect all the devices guarantees performance and high signal quality.

Additional security functions to complement the Door Entry System

  • Alarm detector management, management centre
  • Home Automation functions

The new touch screen internal unit can work like a real burglar-alarm unit. In fact it can manage up to 8 intruder and technical alarms.

Main performance and functions

  • Excellent performance, no limits!
    • no limits: extension and distance (using optical fibre), riser columns, number of switchboards
    • multichannel: for more conversations at the same time (no busy lines)
  • High-definition video quality 800×480 lines Technology Full-IP, SIP/TCP protocol, H.264 video format, LINUX 2.6.32 OS
  • Cabling Cat. 5 + RJ 45 (with dedicated network)
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