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About Us

About us

Electra was one of the first major companies in the UAE. It was established in 1965 and was located in what is now colloquially known as Electra Street. The street “Electra Street” was initially named after the company Electra Abu Dhabi. Since then, it has been managed by the family and descendants of the founder and has grown into a large company and is part of a group of companies related to Electra Abu Dhabi.

Electra has been partnered with renowned lighting, ventilation, & electrical equipment manufacturers since 1965. Our manufacturers and suppliers are known for their Quality, Creativity, and Technical Excellence. We have a track record of advising, supplying, and serving esteemed organizations in the UAE. We have the ability to meet the highest and most stringent standards available. 

Electra has supplied electrical products, materials, and systems to some of the largest and most well-known projects, buildings, and landmarks in the United Arab Emirates.
Thanks to its strategic thinking and business acumen, Electra has successfully foreseen the necessity of the future and is always adding solutions to its portfolio.


To have optimized operations and be able to adapt to the highest technological needs of construction and real estate including but not limited to home automation, internet of things related products, wiring accessories, data centers, and raised floor systems.


Throughout decades of experience, we have been a pioneer in supplying quality products, electrical systems, and providing expert consultation/advising about our products.

Company Overview

Over the past 50+ years, Electra has laid a great foundation for its presence in the UAE market, and to support its mission, it has partnered with the greatest manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. Such partners of Electra are recognized for their production quality, technical competence, innovation and reliability. 

We have an expert team of sales engineers and professionals who are capable of providing comprehensive advice and assistance on electrical products and systems which are utilized in various industries and sectors of urban construction.

Throughout decades of experience, we have been a pioneer in providing customer-centric solutions and have accumulated expertise in the following 14 areas.

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