With our commitment of business philosophy, we strive toward for the contribution to society through air and wind technology.

To cope with the demand of better standard of living, we will strengthen our product development in order to provide high quality level and customer-oriented products to the markets.

KDK products* are in conformity with the requirements of Circular No.30/2011/TT-BCT dated 10th August 2011 – Temporarily regulating the permitted limits for a number of hazardous substances in electric and electronic products, which come into effect on Dec 1, 2012.

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  1. Ventilating Fan
  2. Ceiling Fan
  3. Thermo Ventilator
  4. Air Moving Equipment
  5. Air Curtain
  6. Hand Dryer
  7. Electric Fan
  8. Dehumidifier
  9. Rangehood

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